MeiTwin type composite water meter (DN50-DN150)

MeiTwin type composite water meter (DN50-DN150)

Product application: it is used for the measurement of large flow and very wide range flow, the measurement of small flow for leakage protection, and the measurement of fire protection pipeline.


Product application

Used for the measurement of large flow and very wide range flow  
Measurement of minimum flow for leakage protection
For fire protection pipeline

Flow parameters
(4-20) MA output, with HART Communication (PA optional); two lines of digital LCD display with background light, display content optional. Photosensitive programming.

Product features
·Sensus original import
·There is no need to distinguish the left and right positions of the bypass table in advance
·The whole meter is only detachable main meter and change-over valve
·The multi range measuring elements can be obtained directly, so that the replacement of the components at the end of the period is economical and simple
·Main meter with hydrodynamic balance turbine type
·Pressure reduction of elastic load change-over valve
·Piston type or turbine type bypass meter with plug-in check valve
·The minimum flow rate (Q1) of piston type bypass meter is 6 L / h
·Body length can be provided according to DIN 19625 and ISO 4064

technical parameter
caliber  mm Maximum flow
Q4 m3/h
Common flow
Q3 m3/h
Boundary flow
Q2m3/h(Class C / b)
Minimum flow
Q1 m3/h(Class C / b)
50 78.75 63 0.0375/0.2 R-XTP=0.006  XNP=0.025/0.05
80 125 100
100 200 160
150 500 400 0.15/0.8 0.1/0.2

Size and weight
Nominal diameter DN 50 80 100
Length dimension
 mm L1
270 300 360
L2 300 350 350
Total weight  kg 21 23.5


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